DonnaODanielsDonna O’Daniels, Tourism CEO
Louisiana Northshore CVB
“I first met Jeannea Spence when she was speaking about Emotional Intelligence at a conference I was attending. She is a very dynamic speaker and engaged the entire audience, so I sought her out to learn more about her coaching. Prior to working with Jeannea, I really didn’t understand the value of mindset coaching. Since working with her, I’m a big believer in the difference it can make in achieving organizational objectives. My team has been able to set bigger goals and accomplish more as a result. She is a consummate professional and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a well-qualified coach.”

Darienne Mobley, Strategic Marketing and Management Consulting Professional

Darienne Mobley, Consultant
Darienne, Inc.

“I cannot begin to tell you how working with Jeannea has changed my approach and understanding of my life. She has a gift and has obviously found the right way to use it. Intelligent, giving, compassionate, understanding and a wise counselor, she has a way of allowing you to see the role you have played in creating your life and how to create the life you really want. I am more aware of how my actions and thoughts affect my life and the people in my life. I am grateful for the tools that I have moving forward to be able to put the lessons she taught me into practice.”

Yvette RajputYvette Rajput, Director
Armstrong Leadership Program – Richmond Hill
“Jeannea has given her mentees exactly what each of them needed at the time, unconditional love and great advice. She celebrates their birthdays, graduations, honors, class trips as well as just being there for them during the difficult times. Jeannea has given so much of herself with an open heart and without judgment. Her presence in their lives has been so rich and endearing. Sometimes the difference in making it life or not, hinges on having good people in your corner to give you encouragement when everything else is saying no way possible. We are so grateful for the day Jeannea Spence stopped in our office and asked about the Leadership Program. Often, she will thank me for bringing those “play babies” as she calls them into her life, however we thank her for being our real ANGEL.”

Frank BrownFrank Brown, Meetings and Events Professional
“Jeannea Spence is hands down the most empowering human being I’ve ever met. Her courageous spirit and uplifting words (and dance moves) have by far made our relationship one of lasting motivation and support. Most importantly Jeannea Spence taught me how to celebrate ALL wins and push forward with excitement and force. Jeannea is a Coaching rockstar and I HIGHLY recommend her for your coaching needs!”

renee_arengRenee Areng, Tourism Professional
“Jeannea has a unique way of cutting through the chaos and getting to the root of the issue. She gave me excellent tools to carry through life to keep me focused and clear, rising above the victim mentality. I highly recommend Jeannea to get your life in order!”

Susan Kinney, Professional Artist

Susan Kinney, Professional Artist
“Jeannea is insightful and intuitive and was able to help me see the truth in a professional yet personable and understanding way. She wants her clients to live a life that is beyond their wildest dreams and isn’t satisfied until you have everything you need in order to create that for yourself.”